On Being a Social Justice Warrior

I find that in times of high stress and anxiety, 2 things I have become more and more familiar with of late, I tend to attempt to grab onto something and take control of it. This is pretty par for the course when it comes to anxiety and the like. If everything else is uncontrollable, manage what you can. Wanna know what I’ve been managing lately? Social Justice!

I am like the majority of SJW’s. I post and share and like and retweet every little thing that fits my world view in hopes that 1 person will take the time to read an article that will change their lives. We, the SJW community, pride ourselves on being open minded and sharing and caring. We fight the good fight against all the world’s evils, well except the evil of social media and all the negatives it causes in people’s lives, but then that’s how we do our warrioring, right? So we can’t come out against that! How political of us.

I have shared/liked/subscribed/retweeted with the best of them over the weekend since the horrendous actions in Charlottesville. I have fought alongside my fellow SJW’s and we have all basically done 2-3 of the same things that happen to every other SJW and that we are pretty blind and deaf to. We have:

  1. Alienated our "enemy" to the point that they unfriend and unfollow and hide and are no longer seeing what we are attacking them with.
  2. Stewed in our pride about how awesome we are for fighting this fight. I mean, we share all the right memes, right?!? If people won’t get it after all that, they’re lost.
  3. Become an anxiety riddled dumpsterfire spewing a different flavor of hate and vitriol and never actually having a conversation with another person who disagrees.
    Now that last one is something I fight against and I have had a couple really great conversations with people who consider me liberal as hell, while they are conservative as can be in their own right. I learned something each time. But, thanks to my own stubbornness, those conversations almost didn’t happen. I mean…I am right, right?!?! Yay for being right!!!

The problem is simple…I would rather be right than to be heard. Ego wins at the loss of conversation and, at times, friendships. I refuse to let that happen.

I also refuse to continue to fight whatever fight against whatever made up enemy our society has decided I must war with. You know what I think I will do instead?! Love them. Love my neighbor, my friends, my enemies, people of color, people of whatever religion, people of whatever sexuality and love myself as well. How will I do the formers? I don’t know yet, but I will. How will I do the latter?

I couldn’t sleep last night because of my anxiety over my SJW’ing. If sanity is the cost of basically doing NOTHING except sharing posts online, no thanks. I came into work this morning dreading a text or a message or a something from someone or anyone. I cannot live like that!

So what have I done to help myself out here? Disabled Facebook for one thing. Not permanently, but I don’t want to be tied to my phone thinking about the myriad of replies I might get and planning my next attack. See how I think it’s an "attack", from an "enemy" and not a reply from a friend?!?! It’s crazy y’all.

I am also cleaning my timeline on Twitter and if that task becomes too great, I will disable it as well. All news is not fake news and even some fake news isn’t fake news, but what all of it does is create division and hatred where none existed 2 years, 2 months or 2 days ago.

If you want to discuss anything in the world, please buy me a beer…or ask me to buy you one. I will do it to have actual time with a human instead of my phone or keyboard, so that we can work together to understand where each of us is coming from without our keyboard balls hanging too low and a fight ensuing.

Peace Y’all.