On Facebook and Politics

I’m not going to spin any wheels talking about how I should post more to my blog. I deleted the previous version and started it anew. That’s enough. I will, however, get started off with a topic I have held in my head for some time.

December 1, 2015, and a little the week before, I started something on Facebook that I didn’t advertise or really share with anyone but family. I started unfollowing and defriending accounts that were overly political or were part of the news cycle. Going into an election year, I knew I would require a break from the endless rhetoric that I was sure to see from official outlets and friends. Let me state for the record a couple things about my political stance:

  1. I do not fear any elected official. They are all bought and paid for, anyway. What would it matter? No one can take my freedoms as defined in the constitution without A LOT of work and A LOT of other people working with them.
  2. I do not believe anything I read or hear on the radio or see on TV as the whole truth. No one is coming for your guns, your free speech or anything else.
  3. I believe that the biggest gap in our government currently is that rich people are making decisions for middle class and poor people. Take my state for instance…our governor is a billionaire. With a B. Do I honestly think he cares about my life in the middle? No. He cares about his rich friends and himself.
  4. I am fiscally conservative/socially liberal. In other words, don’t tax me to death and I don’t care what you want to legislate. You cannot legislate morality. I also don’t want my tax money abused or misused by people far richer than I just because they can.
  5. There is no war on anything that you think there is war on other than the wars we actually are physically sending troops to. People say "Happy Holidays" because there are many more holidays in December than Christmas. If you want the 17 year old girl making minimum wage at Target to attempt to guess which holiday you celebrate, you’re expecting too much.
  6. News companies are for-profit companies. Their opinions and methods are for sale. They cannot be trusted and require people to fact check them on an increasing basis. If money is involved, trust rarely is.
    So what happens when people who are not as realistic or, as I like to think, grounded, as I am take to Facebook to relay their thoughts? Chaos. Seriously. Chaos. I could fill this blog with examples of ignorance, bad spelling and blatant anger that results from not checking sources or by listening to a single news source.

So I had a good month in December and I was able to focus on the things that are truly important: family, friends and the holiday season. I would challenge anyone who reads this to do the same, if even for a short time. Don’t read it. Trust me, it’ll be there when you get back and it won’t have changed.

I have no doubt I have unfollowed people that are pretty normal because they liked/shared/commented on something that put it in my feed. I also am not sure I will right those mistakes as the trend seems to have cleaned up my feed pretty well.

I found myself more positive in my world view. I found the stress that I have felt in the past with even looking at Facebook fade away. I could enjoy the people who were actually sharing their lives or just pictures of cats.

As we enter an election year where crazy will be handed out hand over fist on a daily basis online, on the radio and especially on TV, I hope that others will join me and just turn it off for a bit. We can do it. We can be happier people.